Phil Kelley for State Senate District 13
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Mission Statement


Why am I running for the State Senate?
All my life far back as I can remember, I have been interested in politics and government. I was raised in an ultraconservative household, my father and grandfather were both members of the John Birch society. The John Birch society is an extremist organization, founded in anti-Communism as well as anti-progressive movement. So you can imagine how ultra conservative the  ideals were that I was raised with as a young man.
Immediately after high school, I joined the Army, volunteering for Vietnam. This is where my real education and life began. After serving my years in the military. I came out into the civilian world a much more progressive and thinking person then when I went in. At this point I started to see the corruption and manipulation of corporations on the population. I also started to witness firsthand what they were doing to our environment. As my ideas and beliefs built, I became far more active in my community as well as in politics and my union.
Then in 1980 the bottom started to fall out of our society, with the election of Ronald Reagan. One of the first things he did was eliminate the fairness in media doctrine. Which opened the floodgates for today’s media. It also began the downward slide of union representation of the working class in this country. As well as the rise of the ultra right in the conservative Republican party. Like I said when I was a young man, I got to know these ultra-conservatives very well. 
Believe me when I say, these are very scary individuals. A very large percentage of these people do not believe in a democratic republic. They believe in a country that is run by an authoritarian "Like Trump”. I believe, this is one reason no matter what he does they will not turn against him. As long as he maintains his authoritarian persona they will stay with him to the very end. To me this is terrifying. A funny thing happened to me on the way to retirement. We had an election and the loser won. Trump was placed in the White House. The majority of us were absolutely horrified, we had no idea how bad it was going to get. For that matter we're still waiting for the bottom. 
As our country continues to spiral out of control, I came to the realization that I could no longer just sit back or be retired. I have to take action. I finally came to the realization of the old question. When thinking of standing up and taking a stand you have to ask yourself, "If not me, who? If not now, when?” I could no longer just sit back and let other people do the fighting I have to stand up and be counted with those Americans who want to save this country and move forward for our children and our grandchildren.
This in short is why I'm running.
This is why I say,  “It's time we had a working person representing working people.  That's the way the founding fathers wanted it!"

I pledge to you, that I will always stand up and fight for working men and women, for our teachers and our children, against corporations that want to pollute our environment and run-a-way, for the rights of all citizens to access decent healthcare and equal rights. 
These are just some of the things I will fight for to my last breath.
In solidarity,

Phil Kelley

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